Here you will find information on the equipment and facilities of the Professorship of Molecular Food Technology.

Microbiological work

  • Routine microbiological analyses (shaking incubators, autoclaves, incubators, sterile bench, light microscope, centrifuges, spiral diluters)
  • Infors 3,6 L Fermenter Labfors 3 with process control
  • FLUOstar multi-mode Microplate Reader Omega
  • Sysmex Flow cytometer
  • qPCR (MyGo / Pro ESR)

Fungus on an agar plate, next to it colorful liquids in cups
© Fotos: Kim Umberath
Measuring devices in the laboratory
© Foto: Sandra Damm

Chemical / analytical work

  • Knauer Preparative HPLC-System
  • Büchi Flash-Chromatographie
  • LC Tech Freestyle SPE
  • Dynamic Extractions High Performance CCC
  • Thermo Scientific Dionex ASE 350
  • Hielscher Ultrasound generator UP200St
  • Freeze dryer Christ Beta 2-8 LSC Basic
  • Evaporator VLM GmbH EVA EC S
  • Ultrapure water system Purelab flex 2
  • Waters Vion IMS QTof Mass Spectrometer
  • Thermo Scientific LTQ XL Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer
  • 2 Waters Acquitiy UHPLC I (PDA)
  • 2 UHPLC Shimadzu Nexera (FLD, PDA)
  • Knauer Smartline (UV&RI Detektor) HPLC
  • 2 GC Agilent 6890N (FID)
  • 2 Jasco UV-VIS Spectrophotometer with automatic Peltier cuvettes changer
  • Fungilab Viscosimeter
  • Texture Analyzer Stable Microsystems TA.XTplus

Technical centre

  • Scharfenberger membrane press Europress
  • Armfield ultra-high heating system
  • Hielscher ultrasonic generator UIP1000hdT
  • Gruber filling system
  • Spray tower Büchi B-290
  • Safety bench
  • Bakery technology
  • Cheese technology
  • Brewery technology
  • Butchery technology
  • Juice production
A room with many devices for the production of food
© Foto: Lena Elliger
A tablet with food samples
© Foto: Lena Elliger

Sensory of food

  • Fully equipped sensory kitchen (e.g. with Thermomix 6)
  • Sensory laboratory with 5 test cabins in accordance with DIN EN ISO 8589:2010
  • FIZZ and RedJade sensory software
  • Flavorings and sniffing sticks for odor training
  • Material for further sensory training courses
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